Become a KBIC Member Live your best life after brain injury!

A KBIC member smiles while he paints

Who knows better what it’s like living with a brain injury than someone already living with a brain injury? Our community offers many opportunities for members to support and advocate for one another as well as share strategies. This is a community that values each individual and can be a place of hope, joy and connections for you. “We get it.”

Chat with us about how to become a Member

Becoming a Member Overview

Becoming a KBIC is member is an easy process. After you start with a call or filling out the contact form below we will:

  • Answer your questions and give you basic information about our program
  • Ask you brief questions as the first part of our intake process
  • Make an initial eligibility determination, based on your information and our membership criteria

We recommend that you attend the program two times before deciding whether to become a member. This gives you ample opportunity to try different groups on different days of the week. There is no charge for these two program visits.

Due to the information we require before we invite someone for a visit and the staffing we provide to support potential members who have scheduled visits, we are unable to accommodate unscheduled program visits.

Step One: Contact KBIC

Filling out the form below is the best way to chat with us about scheduling a visit or virtual tour. You’re welcome to call or email us if you prefer.

Step Two: Plan your Visit

Before Your First Visit

We require the following documentation from you:

  • Information about your brain injury, such as a hospital discharge summary, physician’s letter, or other type of medical document which verifies your specific brain injury
  • If applicable, proof of guardianship over person, estate or both, with the letter of guardianship appointment

Once we have the information we need and you are ready, we will schedule your visit to attend the in-person program on an available Monday, Wednesday, or Friday. The online program runs on Thursdays and can also be trialed before membership. Please let us know who (family, friends, professionals) you plan to bring with you for your visit. All are welcome.

When You Visit

A staff member will meet with you and welcome you to the center. We will invite you to an intake meeting to learn more about you and talk about the program. The day is then yours to choose what groups to attend and how long you stay. We will introduce you to members, staff, and interns, help you get to your groups and answer your questions along the way. Every staff member, intern and member of our program is a resource for you; members know what it was like to visit KBIC for the first time. They “get it” and are happy to support you.

After You Visit

We hope you become a member and join our welcoming KBIC community! Take a look below at our Membership Bill of Rights.

Membership Bill of Rights

Developed by KBIC members

As a member of KBIC, I have the right to:

  • Plan my day and pick my own groups
  • Pick groups that I can benefit from, and ones with topics I will enjoy
  • Seek out resources
  • Have my opinion valued

As a member of KBIC, I will:

  • Be myself
  • Respect and treat others the way I want to be treated
  • Support others
  • Respect group norms
  • Take what I want out of the group experience
  • Be patient; everyone’s opinion should be valued
  • Respect other’s differences

Do we have your interest? To learn more about Our Model and Becoming a Member, click the buttons below.