Who are our Members?

Three people sitting in a circle in chairs and smiling

Our Members are Survivors

Brain injury can affect anyone, at any time. It’s indiscriminate, surprising, and genuinely life-changing. KBIC members have experienced these life-changing moments. Now, as part of our community, life after brain injury is what’s important. Whether someone is grieving or celebrating, recovering or learning something new, KBIC offers the opportunity to go through it with someone else who has had those experiences, and understands what you’re going through.

Our Members are:










What do I like about Krempels? Everything. The people, a group of us getting outside. When the students get back I’ll get help with my speech.
Andy Stark
KBIC Member

See how a few KBIC members are more than their brain injuries in this video from Brain Injury awareness month, March 2023.

Check out KBIC members participating in the Doc King Adaptive Tour at the 2022 King Challenge in the video below.

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