Welcome to KBIC

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KBIC is committed to its members, adults living with brain injury. Innovative programming is geared toward the unique and varied needs of brain injury survivors with extensive input from its members.

Our community is characterized by a deep and abiding respect for each individual and the goal of helping each person achieve their maximum potential and satisfaction with life after brain injury.

KBIC was just what I needed when I needed it most. I loved being accepted just the way I was while at the same time working towards maximizing my potential within my ability level... I greatly benefited from a supportive 'learn-by-doing' environment”
KBIC Member

Our Commitment to our Community

KBIC is truly unique in the space of post-rehab services for survivors of brain injury. Our programming is based around our innovative model which provides real, positive outcomes for acquired brain injury survivors who participate. Learn more about Our Model and Becoming a Member by clicking a button below.