Caregiver FAQ

KBIC knows how important caregivers are to survivors of brain injury. We thank you for your dedication and support!

Can I attend KBIC with my loved one or client?
Yes, caregivers are welcome at KBIC – in fact, we greatly value caregiver involvement in the KBIC community! We know that you play an integral role as a care partner, so we openly invite you to share in the joy of our program.
Is there an extra cost for a caregiver to attend with a KBIC member?
No, there is no additional fee for caregivers to attend our programs.
Are caregivers allowed to participate in individual groups at KBIC?

During groups, please follow group leaders’ cues as to how you can help your loved one or client participate in activities. Generally, we ask caregivers to support members in participating in groups, but ask that caregivers refrain from participating directly.

Can my loved one or client attend independently?

We assess need for support as part of our membership process. KBIC does not provide individual supervision of members, so we may request that members attend with a caregiver if they need support in any of the following areas:

  • mobility, including safe transfers
  • remaining oriented to place
  • following a schedule
  • getting and eating lunch
  • toileting
  • managing and administering medications
  • maintaining an even temper and avoiding distracting behaviors
Will I need to stay close to my loved one or client throughout the program day?

Our Program Team will work with you to evaluate the level of support that the member needs to participate in the program successfully. Our members have a variety of support needs, ranging from arms-length monitoring at all times to intermittent check-ins throughout the program day.

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