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Referring a client to KBIC

Thank you for your interest in KBIC! We are pleased to offer innovative programming in a community setting geared specifically toward the needs of brain injury survivors. We welcome your inquiry and encourage you to provide information about KBIC to patients/clients under your care. The brain injury survivors section of this website offers information about eligibility, benefits, and the membership process. Please note that we do not require a formal referral to gain access to our services.

Whether you are a provider in the space of neurology, psychology, long term care, therapy, or even primary care, you likely have a patient with an Acquired Brain Injury. We are always available to discuss how we can best work with you to make sure your patients are getting the post injury care they need!

I don’t drive; I have no transportation. I can do Krempels Center right here in my kitchen."
Joanne D.
KBIC Member

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Learn more about Our Model and How to Refer a Brain Injury Patient to KBIC.