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Let’s Talk Radio Podcast 

KBIC members learn the importance of the pause. 

“This group is about talking and listening,” said Nick Ho, CTRS Program Specialist at KBIC, kicking off the first “Let’s Talk Radio” Podcast program of the spring semester. “Through research, we’ve found that narrative storytelling and the peer-to-peer interview format can be beneficial to supporting personal recovery following an acquired brain injury.” 

 The “Let’s Talk Radio” podcast program at KBIC, spearheaded by Nick Ho, has become a beloved platform for members to engage in narrative storytelling and peer-to-peer interviews, particularly focusing on personal recovery following acquired brain injury. The success of the program stems from its emphasis on communication, validation, self-reflection, and productivity, as supported by research in neuropsychological rehabilitation. 

 A 2017 study published in the Neuropsychological Rehabilitation  journal found that participation in personal narrative storytelling supported development of a strengths-based identity through communicating with others, feeling validated as someone listens to their story, as well as self-reflecting during their storytelling. Additionally, it found that storytelling felt like having something to do and therefore felt productive.   

 Each semester, the group explores a specific theme, with last year’s focus being “perspectives from brain injury survivors.” As they gather for the spring semester, the group deliberates on potential themes, aiming to continue their journey of exploration and support. 

 Today, Eryn Martin, a brain injury survivor and host of the “Making Headwaypodcast, joins the group to share her experiences and insights, emphasizing the iterative nature of podcasting and the importance of self-acceptance. 

The group asks Eryn questions about recording her own podcast. Nick then plays a short clip from one of her episodes. Eryn shares that the sicker you feel, the harder you’re going to critique yourself.   

Nick then offers to play a recording of an interview between two KBIC members who had participated in the group last year. After listening to the 1-minute clip, Nick stops the recording and asked the group what they had noticed about the conversation.  

 One member asks if the clip could be edited to lengthen the pauses between the two people talking in order to slow it down.  


“We need that pause,” said David Burbank, a KBIC member, jumping in to share his thoughts. “Most people in our world ignore the pause, he added, but here [KBIC] I am amongst people of my own kind.” 


David, a former successful salesman for Nestle, spent years covering the New Hampshire region, interacting with prospects and clients most days. Now post-injury he says he goes at a different pace. 

 “One thing I love about KBIC is when you come here, life slows down,” David said. “Everything’s made simpler here [KBIC].” 

 Overall, the “Let’s Talk Radio” podcast program serves as a valuable platform for KBIC members to share their stories, connect with others, and navigate their journeys of recovery and self-discovery. 

We want to thank our loyal donors who support KBIC and fund our programs like the “Let’s Talk Radio” podcast. The financial support ensures the continuation of the program, covering startup costs and ongoing expenses. THANK YOU to all of our loyal donors who make these programs possible!