Visit KBIC

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KBIC is in person on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday and the virtual program runs on Thursday. Tours are available for both the in person and online programs.

Come on a tour

Interested in potentially becoming a member or want to check out the program for someone else? Reach out here to ask for a tour.

To schedule a tour, please contact our programming team by phone at (603) 570-2026, ext. 220, or by email.

Attend a Fireside Chat

If you want to learn more about becoming a member, referring a patient, volunteering, or supporting KBIC fundraising efforts, attending one of our structured Fireside Chats is a great way to learn about everything and anything KBIC.

Each session features a member speaker who tells their story and how KBIC has impacted them, KBIC’s Executive Director or another Senior Staff member, and a member of the Board of Directors. You can sign up for a Fireside chat here:

Directions to KBIC

Visit our contact page to get directions, send us an inquiry email, and more.

Do we have your interest? To learn more about Becoming a Member or how to Refer a Patient, click the buttons below.